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By providing free and low-cost birth control, we enable women to pursue education and employment opportunities and plan for children — if they want — on their own timelines.

infographic: 350,000 plus women provided with contraceptive services

Up To 104,000 unwanted or mistimed pregnancies averted1

Up To 49,000 unplanned births prevented1

We serve women in every corner of South Carolina, giving them the chance to live life on their own terms. This is especially critical for low-income and uninsured women in rural areas.

We're making substantial progress.

Since the launch of our statewide birth control access program in 2017, unwanted births have decreased by 44%. And our 150+ partner-clinics have provided contraceptive services to 480,000+ women. Our contraceptive access program has helped achieve the state’s lowest unintended pregnancy rate in the past 20 years: from nearly 50% to 37%.

 44% decrease in unintended births

A 360-degree approach to birth control access.

Grounded in decades of work, our program grew from New Morning’s long history of delivering birth control access and reproductive health education to women and families throughout the state. A complex ecosystem of diverse partners — like community and rural health clinics, hospitals, universities, nursing programs, community-reaching organizations and more — the model is unparalleled.

[1] Health Benefits and Costs Savings of Publicly Funded Family Planning tool publicly accessible here.

[2] Percent of births categorized as “not wanted” at time of pregnancy, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, 2021

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Let’s make sure no woman is denied the right to control their future. Our program provides free or low-cost birth control at 150+ clinics across South Carolina.